Hammer of Thor capsule review, side effect? How to use, forum, price, lazada, philippines

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Hammer of Thor capsule review, side effect? How to use, forum, price, lazada, philippines

Hammer Of Thor is the magic wand that can save you from failing relationships and dying marriages. You must be wondering what it is and how it works. This box of wonder capsules can drive out all kinds of sexual problems and rejuvenate your sex life. Are you trying hard to breathe new life into your sex drive which has become as weak as your recent orgasms? Does your girlfriend no longer feel satisfied with your moves between the sheets? Are you no longer game to long nights of lovemaking with your wife? Then now is the right time to adopt the Hammer Of Thor capsules to pump up your sexual vigor and vitality, make your erection last longer, enhance the power of orgasms, and be the king in bed.  

According to Medline Plus, erectile dysfunction is a degenerative problem, but whether young or old, there is no sexual issue that a box of Hammer Of Thor cannot resolve. Make your penis grow larger and relish the most intense orgasms during sex with these fantastic capsules. 

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Hammer of Thor capsule review, side effect? How to use, forum, price, lazada, philippinesRevel with your lover in bed and be at the top of your sex game right now! 

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What is Hammer Of Thor?

X-Tension where to buy? How to orderHammer Of Thor is an incredible ayurvedic remedy of erectile dysfunction and lack of libido. It is composed of a rich variety of herbs which work to enhance libido and sexual desire. A prescribed dosage of the capsules on a regular basis helps to enhance the masculine prowess and increase the duration of the erection of the penis. It makes the penis harder and longer and helps with improving the power of orgasms. Regular consumption of these herbal capsules is excellent for the natural cure of your sexual problems and is a million times better than chemical pills and procedures. 

Why Hammer Of Thor? 

The regular dosage of Hammer Of Thor capsules is excellent for the following health benefits. www.HammerofThor.ph

  • Extend the penis: Increases the penis’ length by about 4 cm and make it harder and more erect during the climax. Broaden the girth of the penis as well.
  • Enhance sperm quality: Improves the quality of sperms and sperm count and sustain primal sexual desire.
  • Empower the potency of orgasms: Makes the orgasms during climax more powerful and long-lasting. 
  • Improve endurance and energy: Enhances the level of physical energy and be strong performer in bed by supporting healthy cortisol balance. It can also reduce stress and increase the ATP energy level of the body.
  • Zero side-effectsFormulated with natural herbs, it contains no harsh chemicals. It does not have any negative effect on the genital region and has no harmful side-effects. 
  • Attractive price– Remarkably effective and is available at low cost that too with attractive discounts. Now pump up your sex life at a low budget with the wonderful ayurvedic capsules.  

Hammer of Thor capsule – How to use, side effects?

Hammer of Thor capsule how to use, side effects ?You should know how to use these capsules to receive optimum results from them. The product’s unique and herbal ingredients help to enhance your libido. The application of the following steps will make your nights long and satisfying. So here is how to use the medicine, Hammer of Thor Capsules as advised by the manufacturer:

  • The medicine works best when taken right before the activity. Take three capsules at least half an hour or about an hour before the sexual intercourse.
  • Take the capsules on a daily basis for about two months to make sure that the erectile dysfunction does not recur.

The application of the above rules is all you need to make your partner happy unlimitedly. www.HammerofThor.ph

Side effects:

The herbs are perfectly natural and therefore have no side effects on the health. However, if you are a patient of chronic blood pressure, diabetes, and uric acid, then it is better to avoid the use of Hammer Of Thor. Do not take the capsule if your partner is in the phase of pregnancy and/or breastfeeding.

Check out the list of ingredients of the Hammer Of Thor capsules. www.HammerofThor.ph

  • Cistanche – This medicinal herb helps in increasing the circulation of blood to the penis. The blood flow causes vasodilation and consequent extension in the length of the penis. 
  • Tongkat Ali – This herb helps in maintaining a balance in the level of testosterone, the male sex hormone, which is essential for sex drive and libido. 
  • Horny Goat Weed – This herb decreases the level of the enzyme PDE-5 in the body to make the penis harder and prolong the period of erection during intercourse.
  • Shilajit – This herb has been in use for centuries as the infallible cure of impotence and lack of sexual drive.
  • Mucuna – Build the mood for sex from within with this excellent medicinal herb. 

Thus, it is perfectly clear that these capsules leave no side-effect on the body. According to the National Institute of Health,the best way to quicken the recovery from impotence and other penile disorders is to quit smoking and alcohol and adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

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Hammer of Thor review, effect – Results in forum

Hammer of Thor review, effect - Results in forumEven though every product makes tall claims and towering promises, Hammer Of Thor stands a mile apart from all with its remarkable composition and health benefits. Visit the product’s forum to read Hammer Of Thor reviews and check out the comments on the product’s results. The reviews on the effects and benefits of the capsules can be found in the forum. Read about the benefits, before and after results, and comments which are the testimony to the unparalleled effects of the capsules.

Given below are some comments from various customers for you as a testimony to the capsules’ outstanding results. www.HammerofThor.ph

 I spent a fortune over pills and medicines but nothing worked for my limp penis and miserable sex life. It was only after I began taking the Hammer Of Thor capsules that my sex life breathed happily again.  


If there was one thing that saved my relationship, then that is my friend’s recommendation to take Hammer Of Thor capsules which worked like magic to cure the erectile dysfunction in just a month. 


I started taking the Hammer Of Thor capsules as a last ditch effort to build a better sex life and it was worth the shot. The capsules made my penis so long and hard that even my girlfriend was surprised in bed.  


Hammer of Thor capsule review, side effect? How to use, forum, price, lazada, philippinesRevel with your lover in bed and be at the top of your sex game right now! 

Purchase the capsules right away from www.HammerOfThor.ph

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discount of 50% 
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The Mayo Clinic recommends losing excessive body weight for better sex and cure of penile problems. www.HammerofThor.ph

Hammer of Thor price, sale

Hammer of Thor price, saleThe Hammer of Thor price is not just incredibly low but is available on sale too at a much lower price. So, quit worrying about how much it costs and make the best of the sale by purchasing from the official website. If you are still wondering about how much it costs, then visit the website and check out the sale deals of 50% discounts and order a box of capsules today from www.HammerofThor.ph


Hammer of Thor where to buy? How to order?

Hammer of Thor where to buy? How to orderIf you are thinking about where to buy and how to order the Hammer Of Thor capsules, then it’s quite simple.

Where to buy? – You can buy these capsules online at the manufacturer’s website only. 

How to order? – Visit the website, and you will be guided on how to place your order to reach your doorsteps. www.HammerofThor.ph

Hammer of Thor Philippines – in Lazada, original

Hammer of Thor philippines - in lazada, originalDo not waste your time with fake products from any store in the Philippines or Lazada which do not sell original Hammer Of Thor Philippines. The look-alike products they offer are most likely to be fake products, so steer clear of them. Purchase the product from the official website, as only the original capsules have remarkable benefits on health. www.HammerofThor.ph

Common Question and Answers (Q&A)

  • Where to buy original Hammer Of Thor? 

Original Hammer Of Thor is only available at the official website www.HammerofThor.ph

  • Can I have sex with my pregnant wife after taking the capsules? 

No. The capsules may have adverse side effects on pregnancy. 

  • How long does the effect of the capsules last during intercourse? 

The capsules can make your erection last for about 20 minutes when taken on a regular basis.  

  • Is the product natural or chemical? 

The product is prepared with only natural substances like herbs and doesn’t consist of any chemicals. 


Hammer of Thor capsule review, side effect? How to use, forum, price, lazada, philippinesRevel with your lover in bed and be at the top of your sex game right now! 

Purchase the capsules right away from www.HammerOfThor.ph

And get a whopping
discount of 50% 
on your order.
Offer valid for a limited period so hurry! 


  1. My problem with erectile dysfunction eclipsed every bit of happiness and satisfaction in my life. My wife abandoned me in bed and began to feel bored in my presence. Sorrow and nervousness turned into my companions and low self-assurance tormented me from morning till night. One of my friends recommended me a regular dose of these capsules when I confided in him of my sad sex life. Today I am a happy family with my wife and two kids all thanks to this wonderful product which revived my sex life and made me a happy man once again.

  2. My marriage was in ruins and I was trying everything in bed to fix the bond and make my dissatisfied wife smile for at least once, but every move was in vain. I was confounded and couldn’t do anything in bed, with the exception of maybe a bit of messing which always ended in utter humiliation because of my erectile dysfunction. These herbal capsules came like a blessing in my life. I came across an advertisement for the product during a chance visit to a random website on the internet. I could not trust the claims at first, prejudiced as I am with such products, but the capsules worked wonders for my sex life. My relationship improved incredibly and my life turned out to be so brilliant what with the enlivening adventures between the sheets and improved vitality at work as well!

  3. My penis was sagging and so was my confidence. I wanted to be an alpha-male in bed but all I got be was the beta-female, and that irked me like anything. I did not want to take chemical pills and powders that only make matters worse, and so I turned to my friend’s advice and embraced the wonders of these unbelievable capsules. My penis stands erect for a pretty long time now and as for my confidence, why that’s shooting through the roof.

  4. Erectile issues and impotence had tossed my girlfriend and me into a sad existential emergency. It began with feeble orgasms and low level of verve and vitality. Afterward, I felt a kind of flaccidness of the penis that frightened me out of my mind. I simply could not stay erect for long and the problem worsened no matter how many pills and ointments I tried. A family physician prescribed me these capsules to and to this day I thank my lucky stars for the wonderful effect the capsules had on my limpness and impotence. I have been taking the capsules for quite some time now. My penis stays erect for such a long time now that even my girlfriend is astonished. One of the many magical effects of the capsules was that my penis is currently thicker, longer, and more pleasurable than ever. Give this a shot for yourself and trust me this thing is gold.

  5. I hated it when the doctor suggested massaging the penis with a lubricant to revive its potency. It felt like a direct hit against my masculinity. I wanted a proper medicine but he kept on insisting on massage to make the awful limpness go away. One of my colleagues suggested these capsules for its natural ingredients to me and from then on, all my troubles vanished, leaving behind a hard and erect penis and a promising sex life. http://www.HammerofThor.ph


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